Stump Grinding

Once you get your tree or trees out of there, you’ve still got another hurdle: the stump and roots. Unfortunately, leaving the stump in place is not a great option. Not only do stumps shrink, wither, crack and become generally unsightly with time, but often they do not die entirely. This puts you at risk of your stump sprouting or suckering and trying to grow a new tree in place of the last one. That’s no good! No matter how many times you trim them, shoots and suckers will keep reappearing until you get rid of that stump for good.

Ensure Total Tree Removal

We offer full stump and root grinding services to ensure the complete removal of a tree you no longer want. Plus, unlike some companies which will leave a big hole where the tree used to be, we will use the product of grinding to fill in the hole and leave your yard evenly graded and ready for planting and growing something new.

Among the many benefits of stump grinding are the following:

  • You no longer have an unsightly stump in your yard.
  • You aren’t left with a hole to fill.
  • You receive free, healthy mulch to enrich the area where the tree used to be.
  • It minimizes costs by eliminating your need to buy filler for the hole.
  • The new mulch and soil extends several inches below the ground so you can use the site for planting.
  • It impacts the landscape less, because the former tree site is now ready for gardening.
  • It reduces your work.
  • You don’t have to pay extra for the material to be hauled away.
  • It often results in extra mulch that you can use in other areas of your property.

Sounds pretty good, right? At Su-Tree, we think so too, which is why this is a standard offering along with tree removal. Ask about our grinding services to find out more about the process, or book an appointment today to get that tree out of there.

Please call or text 404.392.6935 to receive prompt affordable service from our experienced, reliable and dedicated crew. Or you can click here to get a free online estimate. We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully working together.