Tree Removal

Ideally, a tree adds beauty and serenity to your home. If instead a tree is adding headache and hassle, call in Su-Tree to get it out of there. Our professionals can quickly, safely and affordably remove trees and brush you don’t want.

Reasons to cut a tree include:

  • Removing dangerous hazards
  • Creating or improving a view
  • Letting in more light
  • Getting a diseased tree away from healthy trees
  • Removing old or dying trees before they create hazards
  • Emergency damage
  • The tree cannot be pruned back to health

Our experts make removing trees a breeze. We adhere to the highest safety standards to ensure the protection of our workers as well as your home. We work quickly and efficiently to up the affordability of our work, and we pride ourselves on great communication with clients so that we’re always serving your needs first.

Emergency Tree Removal Is a Snap

Looking for emergency tree removal services due to a storm or other unexpected event? No problem. Our crew can be there in no time to remove messy branches and downed limbs, or to lop damaged branches or trunks that are threatening to topple. Especially when broken limbs or leaning trees threaten power lines, transformers or other electrical units, it’s important to remove the hazard promptly. Keep in mind that tree branches CAN conduct electricity and you should NEVER do this yourself if you are not a qualified tree removal technician.

At Su-Tree, we always respond quickly to emergencies. We know your first priority is safety for your family and neighbors, so we won’t make you wait. Give us a call right away in case of an emergency or for insurance reasons, and let us take care of it for you.

Ask About Our Extras!

When you have a tree or trees removed, you may wish to keep the wood for firewood or mulch. We’re happy to take care of that for you, so be sure to ask when setting up your service. This can save you time and money and eliminate the need to do the chore another time.

Please call or text 404.392.6935 to receive prompt affordable service from our experienced, reliable and dedicated crew. Or you can click here to get a free online estimate. We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully working together.