Is Stump Removal Service Necessary Before Installing Sod?

stump removal serviceStump removal service is required for a wide range of situations. If you want to have a clean-looking yard…if you want to prevent pest problems…if mowing your lawn feels like an obstacle course, then stump removal service can help. You might wonder, if your stumps were cut really low, can’t you just lay sod over the stumps? The answer is no. Here are some important reasons why is it necessary to have stump removal service performed before installing sod:

Stump Breakdown Rate is Slow

Stumps are obviously made of organic matter. Over time, they will break down. But a tree stump will not break down fast enough to become hospitable underneath a layer of sod. Eventually, the sod that’s lying over the tree stumps will die, leaving you with dead brown patches of grass.

Stumps Create an Uneven Surface

You will have a hard, raised spot on your sod wherever you leave a stump. A better way to handle the situation is to have those stumps removed and even out the soil surface before installing sod.

Stump Removal Service Means More Planting Opportunities

Maybe you will decide to replace a tree that previously died. In order to plant a new tree in that spot, it’s first necessary to have the old stump ground down. This makes way for the new tree’s roots to take hold and absorb nutrients from the soil.

Stump Removal Service Means Fewer Unwanted Trees

Many tree stumps end up growing new baby trees. The last thing you want is a baby tree shooting up through your sod, right? That can be easily avoided if you get the stumps ground up before laying down sod.

Tree Stumps Attract Insects and Disease

A rotting tree stump left in the ground becomes a haven for various fungi and insects, including termites. While these invaders all play important roles in the natural circle of life, you certainly don’t want to invite them into your new sod. Mold is bad news for grass, and termites can be absolutely devastating if they make it into your home. Grind the stumps first, and you will be protecting your new sod and your house from damage.

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