What to Expect From Tree Removal Services When You’ve Got a Lot to Clear

tree removal services MariettaLot clearing is one of the biggest jobs that tree removal services take on. The level of service is on a whole new plane when an entire lot needs to be cleared to make way for a building project. The expectation is that the lot will be foliage-free and level when the tree removal services company is done. So what exactly can you expect from tree removal services when you’ve got a lot to clear?

Tree Removal

The biggest task in clearing a lot is tree removal. Cutting down trees and chopping the wood into manageable pieces is a monumental task when there are lots of trees to cut. If you would like the wood to be prepared for firewood or wood chips, make that request when you set up the tree removal services. Most companies will be thrilled to provide this service and leave the wood with you.

Stump Grinding

Another big job in clearing a lot is grinding all those tree stumps after the trees are removed. Having a flat and even surface is important for any construction project, so it’s important to ensure that all those stumps are eliminated.

Clearing of Brush

A third thing you should expect from your tree removal services is clearing of brush from the property. Bushes and shrubs should be pulled up and removed from the property. These companies will sometimes also remove any debris that has accumulated on the property – leaves, ground cover, and trash are just a few examples. All of this is also essential to producing a good construction site for your building project.

Grading the Property

Once all of the trees, stumps, brush, and debris are cleared from the lot, it’s time to make sure the working surface is as even as possible. Grading the property is the best way to do it. Dragging a grader over the lot is a quick and easy task if the prior steps were done correctly. It’s also a good way to get rid of the last bits of branches and brush that may have been left behind by crew members.

If you are looking for tree removal services to clear your Marietta-area lot, Su-Tree is eager to go above and beyond your expectations. We have been surpassing people’s tree removal services goals since 1989, and our tradition of excellence continues today. From tree trimming, to tree and stump removal, to clearing entire lots – no job is too big or small.

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