What Are the Benefits of Mulch Delivery from Tree Service Companies?

tree service companiesThe average tree service companies collect a ton of mulch throughout the course of their work.

Literally. A ton.

Think of all the trees they cut down, the branches they remove and chip, the stumps they grind. All of that wood debris goes into a bin. The typical homeowner doesn’t want it left on their property, so the tree service companies haul it back to their facility and add it to their pile.

These companies are eager to get rid of all that mulch. There’s always a steady supply coming in from each job they complete. That’s why they are happy to give it away to people who want it. All you have to do is ask, and they will probably load up a truck with mulch and deliver it to you.

Looking for more good reasons to utilize mulch delivery from tree service companies? Consider these benefits:

  • If you have ever bought mulch at a hardware store, you know that it’s not cheap. Why would you pay money for something you can get for free?
  • A lot of the mulch available at hardware stores comes from sketchy sources. Instead of paying to ship in endangered or pest-infested wood chips from elsewhere, why not get locally-sourced mulch from a business in your community?
  • When you get your mulch from a local tree service company, they are likely to offer to deliver it to you. Just put a tarp down where you want them to dump the mulch, and you’ll save yourself a lot of clean-up work later.
  • If you haven’t mulched your gardens before, you need to understand what a difference it can make for your plants. The mulch will retain the moisture in the soil, meaning that you’ll find yourself watering less. And over time, the mulch will break down into the soil and replenish the nutrients your plants take from the dirt.
  • Mulching your flower beds, around your trees, and underneath hedges is a really easy way to enhance the appearance of your yard. It doesn’t sound like much, but mulched beds are far more attractive than bare dirt.

If you can find a tree service company that offers mulch delivery in your area, take advantage of it. Yes, you will have to move and spread it around your property to the spots you want it to be. But it’s free! And it will probably be delivered for you. You won’t even have to stand in line at a register. It will just cost you a little elbow grease and some cold lemonade. You can’t beat that.

Su-Tree offers free mulch to homeowners in the Marietta, GA area. Our busy tree removal service means we have a constant, steady stream of nutrient-rich mulch on hand all the time. We know not everybody has a pickup truck which is why we are happy to deliver mulch to you as well. Call Su-Tree at (404) 392-6935 for a free estimate on mulch delivery from tree service companies.